Patient Advisory Council

Help us improve our care: Join the Patient Advisory Council

The Calgary West Central Primary Care Network (CWC PCN) Patient Advisory Council involves members of the community in our initiatives to ensure patients and families are true partners in primary care.

The purpose of the council is to:

  • Engage with you as a partner to ensure our programs are patient centred.
  • Include your perspective on patient safety, quality improvement and all of our other projects.
  • Gather your input on the Patient Medical Home model of care and how to help people navigate the larger healthcare system.

Joining the council is your opportunity to make a difference for patients and families throughout our region.

What is a patient advisor?

A patient advisor is someone who wants to help us improve the quality of our care for all patients. They share feedback based on their own experiences and help us understand how to change for the better. By partnering with us, they provide important insights into our programs, plans and projects.

Why should you become an advisor?

This is your chance to help us improve our care for you, your family and your community and give patients a voice in the process. Meetings will be catered and pre-approved travel will be reimbursed.

What is your commitment as an advisor?

You would commit to meet in person with PCN personnel and other community members on a bimonthly basis. The meetings will be held on weekday evenings and run for two hours; additional time may be required to prepare ahead of the meetings.

Over time, the frequency of meetings may change and opportunities to join new projects could arise.

What is the CWC PCN?

The CWC PCN is a non-profit organization committed to a healthier future. We work alongside more than 450 family doctors to provide support for continuous health care.

Family doctors who join as a member of CWC PCN do so with their patients in mind. Patients of members can access a range of programs and services offered through our team of healthcare professionals (including nurses, social workers and mental health professionals).

Research shows that people who have a relationship with their family doctor are healthier, live longer and are hospitalized less. We are here to help build strong doctor-patient relationships through innovation, collaboration, compassion, accountability and respect.

What is a Patient Medical Home?

A Patient Medical Home (PMH) is a vision of family medicine that supports your relationship with your doctor and puts you at the centre of team-based, comprehensive care.

Research shows a PMH is associated with increased quality of care, access and satisfaction for patients while reducing the cost to the healthcare system. Creating a Patient Medical Home for every Albertan is a provincial objective and widely supported by physician associations and organizations.

The CWC PCN’s mission is to build and sustain a community of Patient Medical Homes.

Join us!

If you have ideas to help improve our PCN, we want to hear from you.

To apply, please complete an Expression of Interest and email it to the Patient Advisory Council liaison today!

Become a physician member
If you are a physician interested in becoming a member of the CWC PCN, please contact our memberservices [at] cwcpcn [dot] com team. We are dedicated to supporting physicians, patients and primary care with clinical practice tools, patient care resources and Patient Medical Home support.