Mental Health Assist

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to change the way we work and live, many people are experiencing increased stress levels and unforeseen obstacles that impact mood and resilience. We can help you with Mental Health Assist.

Mental Health Assist

Our specialized team of mental health care professionals is here for you. They understand the emotional risks of social isolation and other pandemic-related challenges.

Mental Health Assist is a virtual care program, featuring a team of Registered Nurses with proven mental health care experience.

At a sixty-minute session – by phone or by video – you will have the undivided attention of a nurse (with mental health expertise) who will listen to your concerns and provide you with support.

It is your session and you are empowered to share only what you are comfortable discussing. You can expect to be heard without judgment, gain new ideas for coping, and access to further support in the community.

The session is confidential, and a follow-up summary note about the appointment will be shared with your physician directly.

Your Mental Health Assist session is offered to you as one per patient, per concern.


If you are suffering from severe mental health symptoms call:

  • 1.877.303.2642 (Alberta Mental Health Help Line)
  • 403.266.4357 (Distress Centre crisis line)
  • For emergencies, call 911.


A formal referral is not required to access Mental Health Assist; however, your physician must be a member of CWC PCN (the clinic name will appear in the dropdown menu on the appointment request page).



Sixty-minute sessions are available Monday to Friday between 9 a.m. and 3 p.m.

CWC PCN Patient Connect is the secure application we use for this and other programs.

To request an appointment:

  1. Visit CWC PCN Patient Connect
  2. Select your physician's clinic name from the dropdown list
  3. Select Mental Health Assist
  4. Select the health care provider, and follow the prompts

You will need an email address, and access to the Internet in order to create a free account on the app. If you require support to download and set up the app, our technical support team is happy to assist you.

Take advantage of Mental Health Assist, and request an appointment today!


Our team

Did you know that our Registered Nurses are specialized, and have working knowledge and proven experience as mental health professionals?

Each of our highly skilled nurses is assigned to support designated Calgary clinics* listed below (click on the + icon under each name to find your physician’s clinic).

Our team is standing by, ready to help. You are not alone.

*Note: To ensure timely responsiveness, we will not accept requests for specific nurses.



Hi, I am Kayla.

As a Registered Nurse, I have worked in a variety of practice settings throughout my career, including public health, cardiology and tele-triage for mental health assistance and wellness education.

I am passionate about promoting physical and mental wellness and working with patients to meet their goals. I help patients with sleep and stress management, chronic pain, mental illness and addictions. We can work together to improve your mood and develop coping skills to build resilience during this difficult time.

I am here to support you.

Kayla supports the following clinics (click to expand the list)
  • 4th Street Clinic
  • Braeside on 24th Medical Clinic
  • CURA Family Practice
  • Dr. Robert Cole's Office
  • Eaton Centre Medical Clinic
  • Fairmount Medical Clinic
  • Glenbrook Medical Clinic B
  • Glenmore Family Clinic
  • Glenwood Medical Centre
  • Infinity Pediatrics
  • Kaleidoscope Pediatric Consultants
  • MCI The Doctor's Office at 130th Ave
  • Meadows Maternity and Family Practice
  • Mount Royal University Health Services
  • Nuwest Medical Centre
  • Oak Bay Medical Centre
  • PrimeCare Medical Clinic
  • Rockyview Maternity & Family Practice Group
  • Shifa Medical Clinic
  • West Springs Medical Clinic

Request your Mental Health Assist session today!




Hi, I'm Raman.

As a Registered Nurse, I am focused on mental health support and nutrition and lifestyle counselling.

I am here to listen to patient concerns and provide direction for those suffering from increased anxiety, depression, and who are overwhelmed by stress. Let’s talk about what you are going through right now and find ways to lessen the burden.

I look forward to working with you and supporting you in achieving your goals.

Raman supports the following clinics (click to expand the list)
  • Associate Clinic #362
  • Associate Clinic #363
  • Braeside Medical Centre
  • Calgary Weight Management Centre
  • Chinook Mall Medical Clinic
  • Chinook Medical Clinic
  • Dr. Mish and Dr. Noiles' Office
  • Faj Medical Clinic
  • Good Health Medical Centre
  • Medical Express
  • NovoCare Medical Clinic
  • Richmond Square Medical Centre
  • Salute Family Medicine
  • Southport Family Practice
  • Southwood Medical Centre
  • Strathcona Family Medicine Centre
  • The Alex – Senior’s Centre
  • The Alex Community Health Centre
  • University Health Services Clinic
  • Westbrook Medical Clinic
  • Westglen Medical Centre
  • Zamin Medical Centre

Request your Mental Health Assist session today!




Hi, I am Shainna.

As a Registered Nurse, I have worked in adult mental health, women’s health and surgical services.

My passion is caring for patients in their time of need. I can offer support to anyone struggling with negative feelings, stressors, and symptoms of anxiety, depression and other mental health concerns.

Let’s talk about how things are going for you right now. I am here to help.

Shainna supports the following clinics (click to expand the list)
  • Dr. Catherine McKenna Nutrition & Weight Management
  • Innovations Health Clinic (East)
  • Innovations Health Clinic (West)
  • London Medical Centre
  • Mission Medical Clinic
  • SMC Family Medicine
  • Southland Sport Medicine
  • Revolution Medical Clinic
  • Hart Family Medical
  • Kingswood Medical Centre
  • Lakeview Family Doctors
  • Westside Medical Clinic

Request your Mental Health Assist session today!




Hi, I am Jill.

As a Registered Nurse for more than a decade, I have experience and education (certification and training) related to chronic disease management, health coaching, and mental health support. 

My passion is helping people work through barriers to achieve their goals. I help patients realize their potential.

I look forward to supporting you, and helping you feel more like yourself. I am here for you.

Jill supports the following clinics (click to expand the list)
  • Cornerstone Medical Centre
  • Crescent Medical Centre
  • Elbow River Healing Lodge
  • Lakeview Family Doctors
  • Medical Express

Request your Mental Health Assist session today!




Hi, I'm Margot.

As a Registered Nurse for nearly two decades, I have experience in chronic disease management, including diabetes, and have completed mental health training to expand my practice area.

My passion is to empower patients to improve their physical and emotional health. I can help you choose and realize your goals and set priorities for your health and wellness.

Let’s talk about the challenges you are facing. You don’t need to face them by yourself. I am ready to listen.

Margot supports the following clinics (click to expand the list)
  • Advanced Primary Care
  • Britannia Medical Clinic
  • Calgary West Medical Centre
  • Hart Family Medical
  • Kingswood Medical Centre
  • Westside Medical Clinic

Request your Mental Health Assist session today!




What if 60 minutes isn’t enough for me?

If you require more time, your nurse will ensure you have access to additional supports in the community.

What if I don’t want my physician to know I accessed the program?

The Mental Health Assist program is offered to you in partnership with your family physician.

As part of the program, your nurse will be sharing relevant information with your physician, to ensure you have the best care.

Can nurses give me the same care as my physician or a psychologist?

Our team of nurses have the training and expertise to provide you with comprehensive care for mild-to-moderate mental health concerns.

If you require medication, or additional support following the session, your nurse will help you connect with the appropriate resources.

Can a nurse prescribe or manage medications?

No. Nurses cannot prescribe or manage medications. Our team is equipped to provide education and answer any questions you may have.

Can I book multiple appointments with the same nurse?

No. Mental Health Assist is a single-session support (one per patient, per concern). If you require more time, your nurse will ensure you have access to additional supports in the community.

You can request additional appointments if the extra sessions are for different reasons. Keep in mind that information from any previous sessions will not be accessible, and you may not see the same nurse as before.

Request your Mental Health Assist session today!

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