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CWC PCN Patient Connect

CWC PCN Patient Connect: Simple, secure care


CWC PCN Patient Connect is a convenient way to get the care you need without the challenges of attending an in-person appointment.

As a patient of the Calgary West Central Primary Care Network (CWC PCN), you can use this simple, secure app to meet with your PCN Nurse or Behavioural Health Consultant from the comfort of your own home through a video appointment.

To request a video appointment, select the name of your clinic from the drop-down list below to open their booking page:



Please note: This tool is currently to request a virtual appointment with your CWC PCN Nurse or Behavioural Health Consultant only. If your family doctor is using Patient Connect, please follow their process for requesting an appointment.  

All CWC PCN physician members who have a Patient Connect license, and who would like to use the appointment-request feature are asked to contact their Physician Liaison to activate. 

How do I start using Patient Connect for appointments?

  1. Select your clinic from the drop-down list above to open the clinic's booking request page
  2. Select the type of appointment you are requesting (first or followup) and click Next (bottom right)
  3. Select the health profession (Nurse or Behavioural Health Consultant) and click Next
  4. Select the individual by name and click Next
  5. Select day and time and click Next
  6. Provide your contact information and click Next to submit your appointment request 

After submitting your request, you will receive an email confirming its receipt and pending review.

If the appointment is accepted, you will be informed by email and prompted to set up a Patient Connect account (if this is your first virtual appointment). If the request is declined, you have the option of requesting a new appointment.

A booking guide is available to assist you on the Patient Connect support site.

Note: Requests must be submitted at least two weeks ahead of the date of the appointment.

Tip: We recommend new users register their account and set up the app at least 24 hours before their appointment in case they need technical support. 

Once setup, all you have to do is log back in 10 minutes before the scheduled time and connect with your appointment. (You will even get email reminders.) 

Is it private?

The CWC PCN and our digital partner, OnCall Health, are committed to ensuring the privacy of patients, and we are compliant with all necessary privacy legislation, including the Health Information Act of Alberta and the Personal Information Protection and Electronic Document Act.

All of the servers used for Patient Connect are located and hosted in Canada, and the technology is regularly audited by a third party to safeguard your privacy.

What are the technical requirements?

The technical requirements are minimal:

  1.  A laptop, computer or mobile device with a camera and microphone
  2.  An internet connection of at least 5MB/s

What if I need help?

There are multiple support options for you: call 1.888.687.9288 ext. 1 24/7 in English or French or email Support. There is also support site with multiple guides and live chat, and every email you receive for Patient Connect includes a link to technical assistance. 


We strongly recommend you use a private Wi-Fi or wired connection to download and access the app. The platform is encrypted and remains secure over public Wi-Fi, but public networks have more potential vulnerabilities than private ones.

Please use the app from private locations to help physically protect your confidentiality.

If you choose to use mobile data, please closely monitor your usage to prevent overage charges.

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