Selection Process

1. The Job Application

Apply for the available jobs that match your qualifications and experience by creating a candidate presence and uploading your cover letter and resume.

2. The Initial Prescreen

The CWC PCN Human Resources department and hiring managers will review all applications against the qualifications required for the job and create a shortlist. 

Only those candidates who are selected for a telephone prescreen will be contacted.

3. The Interview(s)

The interview process will include one or more interviews with a representative from Human Resources and the hiring manager. We may conduct these interviews through a service such as Zoom or over the telephone.

In the interview, we will seek to understand more about your education and experience relevant to the role and your motivation for pursuing employment with the CWC PCN. In preparation for the interview, you may want to think about competency-based examples that will highlight your skills and experience relevant to the role. An example of a competency-based interview question is: “Tell us about a time when you had to explain something complex to a colleague or a patient. What did you do to make your message clear? How could you tell that you had been understood?”

4. The Pre-Employment Background Check
The pre-employment background check includes verification of licence/credentials, reference checks and a criminal record check that may require a vulnerable sector search depending on the position (please refer to the FAQs for complete criminal record and vulnerable sector check information).
If you are successful in the interview stage, you will be asked for two work-related references. The reference must include your former manager or someone to whom you have reported plus another coworker from an organization for which you have worked. Family members or current employees of the CWC PCN may not be used as references.
If you are successful in the reference check stage, you will be made an offer of employment contingent upon a criminal record check (inclusive of vulnerable sector search if applicable). The CWC PCN requires all employees to complete a criminal background check prior to the commencement of employment. Employees who will have direct patient contact or access to patient information are also required to complete a vulnerable sector search as part of the criminal record check.
If you are a candidate who has resided outside of Calgary (or any other Canadian jurisdiction) for a portion of the previous 12 months, you will be required to obtain an additional criminal record check from the police service or RCMP in your prior jurisdiction(s) of residence to complete the process.
The criminal record/vulnerable sector check can take approximately three to six weeks to complete, depending on current police/RCMP processing times. Candidates will not be able to commence employment without a clear criminal record check (inclusive of vulnerable sector search if applicable). The CWC PCN will reimburse the successful candidate for the cost of their pre-employment criminal record and vulnerable sector check upon commencement of employment.
Depending on the position, you may be asked to provide proof of your licence/credentials to confirm that you have the specific educational requirements for the role and are in good standing with the relevant licensing body. Examples of roles where these requirements apply include Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Mental Health Clinicians, and Social Workers.

5. The Offer of Employment

After consideration of your application for employment, the interview(s) and pre-employment background check, you may be selected as the successful candidate for the job. You will receive a verbal offer followed by an email containing the written offer of employment and applicable forms. If you accept the offer of employment, you will sign and return the offer letter, along with all applicable forms, within the time frame provided.

If you are not successful in the process, you will receive an email letting you know of our decision.
Become a physician member
If you are a physician interested in becoming a member of the CWC PCN, please contact our memberservices [at] cwcpcn [dot] com team. We are dedicated to supporting physicians, patients and primary care with clinical practice tools, patient care resources and Patient Medical Home support.