Patient Medical Home

A Patient Medical Home (PMH) is where patients and their families feel most comfortable discussing their health. A flexible vision for family practice, it is the central hub for comprehensive health services centred on the individual. In a PMH, family physicians work collaboratively with their patients and teams of health professionals to provide seamless, coordinated care. Together, they establish and strengthen their relationships, enabling timely access and the best possible outcomes for individuals and communities.

The PMH model has grown and evolved over several decades. The timeline below illustrates its rise across North America and the milestones that led Alberta to mandate a PMH for every Albertan.

PMH Timeline


The American Academy of Pediatrics coins the term "medical home."

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Institute of Medicine mentions the medical home in a report that redefines primary care.

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Seven U.S. family medicine organizations recommend pursuing medical homes for all Americans.

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Alberta establishes Primary Care Networks to improve coordination and access to care.

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The American College of Physicians releases four policy positions supporting the medical home.

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All major American primary care physician associations endorse the patient-centred medical home.

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A survey of seven countries finds medical homes are associated with significantly more positive experiences.

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The College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC) recommends the medical home concept.

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The Alberta Medical Association (AMA) recommends the patient-centred medical home as a start for their vision of primary care.

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The CFPC presents the Patient’s Medical Home as a vision for family practice.

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The AMA Primary Care Alliance Board makes medical homes a goal of PCN Evolution.

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Enhancing the delivery of care by providing a health home for every Albertan is one of three strategic directions set out by Alberta Health in Alberta’s Primary Health Care Strategy.

Alberta Health commits to providing a health home for every Albertan.

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Family physicians ratify a PCN governance framework supporting medical homes.

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The CWC PCN launches a new membership model based on the Patient Medical Home.


The CFPC released their revised vision for Canada, The PMH 2019, which reflects current realities while supporting the same core principles as 2011.

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At the CWC PCN our mission is to build and sustain a community of Patient Medical Homes. The programs and services we deliver in partnership with our family physicians are designed to support this mission.

To learn more about the Patient Medical Home model, visit the College of Family Physicians of Canada (CFPC), the CFPC’s official PMH site and the Alberta Medical Association.

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