Job postings

What does FTE mean?

The acronym FTE stands for Full-Time Equivalent. A full-time position is 1.0 FTE, which is 40 hours per week. A part-time position is one that is less than 1.0 FTE. The FTE of a position describes its percentage of a full-time job. For example, if a full-time nurse works 40 hours per week, then a part-time nurse working 0.4 FTE would work 16 hours per week.

The job you have posted requires Heart & Stroke BLS Provider. What is this?
BLS (Basic Life Support) certification is required for all healthcare workers involved in direct patient care and for clinical support roles working out of physician members’ clinics and the Primary Care Centre. Heart & Stroke BLS is available from several providers, which can be found using the Heart & Stroke search engine.
New hires (in direct patient care and clinical support roles) must have a valid certificate issued within the 12 months prior to the first day of employment. Employees are required to recertify on an annual basis.

What is a criminal record and vulnerable sector check?
The CWC PCN requires all employees to provide a clear criminal record check prior to commencing employment. Those roles having direct patient contact or unsupervised access to patients are also required to complete a vulnerable sector search as part of the criminal record check.
A vulnerable sector search is an additional check conducted as part of a criminal record check verifying any record suspensions (formerly “pardons”) for sexual offences on members of a vulnerable population.
In order for a candidate to receive a complete criminal background check (inclusive of vulnerable sector search if applicable), they must have resided in their current jurisdiction for a minimum of 12 months. If they have resided for less than 12 months in their current jurisdiction, they will need to contact the police service or RCMP in their previous jurisdiction where they resided for a minimum of 12 months.
When a candidate is made an offer of employment, it is contingent upon the CWC PCN receiving a clear criminal record check (inclusive of vulnerable sector search if applicable). Employment can only commence once the clear criminal record/vulnerable sector check is provided. The criminal record/vulnerable sector check must have been issued within 90 days of an offer of employment from the CWC PCN.
The criminal record/vulnerable sector check can take approximately three to six weeks to complete, depending on current police/RCMP processing times, and the candidate is responsible for the cost of the check. Candidates residing within the jurisdiction of Calgary may refer to the Calgary Police Service website for more information regarding the criminal background check and vulnerable sector search.

What licensing is required for the job?
Certain roles within the CWC PCN require specific licensing and registration (also known as “practice permits”) to ensure that these practitioners meet the qualifications and standards set by the governing bodies in Alberta.
Regulatory bodies relevant to roles found within the CWC PCN include:
  • College and Association of Registered Nurses of Alberta (CRNA)
  • College of Licensed Practical Nurses of Alberta (CLPNA)
  • College of Alberta Psychologists (CAP)
  • Alberta College of Social Workers (ACSW)
  • Alberta College of Pharmacists (ACP)
  • Alberta College of Occupational Therapists (ACOT)

Employees in roles such as Primary Care Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Social Worker, Occupational Therapist, Primary Care Registered Psychologist, and Pharmacist must maintain a valid practice permit in good standing with the applicable regulatory body in Alberta.

Applying for a Job

How do I apply for a job?

Visit the Careers page and view the available positions. Apply for jobs that match your qualifications and experience by creating a candidate presence and uploading your cover letter and resume. Your submission will be received by the Human Resources department who will go through the selection process to determine candidates for telephone prescreens and interviews.

I want to apply for more than one job. What is the best way to do this?

Please complete the CWC PCN candidate presence and upload your cover letter and resume for each position for which you would like to be considered.

How long will my application be kept on file?

Your presence, cover letter, and resume will be kept on file indefinitely as part of our talent bank. However, please note that you must apply to an available position each time a new one is posted.

How do I know that you have received my resume?

Once you have selected the role you would like to apply for, created your candidate presence, and uploaded your cover letter and resume, you will receive an automated email acknowledging your submission.

How can I find out the status of my application?

Due to the high volume of applications received, only shortlisted applicants will receive a telephone call regarding consideration for an available position.

What is the best format to use for my cover letter and resume?

DOC, DOCX, or PDF documents are the best formats when submitting your cover letter and resume for an available position. 

What is the format of a telephone prescreen?

The telephone prescreen is the first stage in the selection process. A Human Resources team member contacts shortlisted candidates to arrange a telephone call that is approximately 15 - 30 minutes in duration. During the call, you will be asked general questions about the reasons why you are seeking a position at the CWC PCN as well as questions about what you are looking for.

What is the format of the interview?

The interview process will include one or more interviews with a representative from Human Resources and the hiring manager. If you are located outside of Calgary, we may conduct the first interview through a service such as Zoom or over the telephone. In the interview, we will seek to understand more about your education and experience relevant to the role and your motivation for pursuing employment with the CWC PCN. In preparation for the interview, you may want to think about competency-based examples that highlight your skills and experience relevant to the role. An example of a competency-based interview question is: “Tell us about a time when you had to explain something complex to a colleague or a patient. What did you do to make your message clear? How could you tell that you had been understood?”

Interviews will either take place in person in Calgary or virtually over Zoom.

How long is the interview?

A typical interview will be scheduled for 60 to 90 minutes.

Will you be conducting reference checks?

If you are successful in the interview stage, you will be asked for two work-related references. The reference must include your former manager or someone to whom you have reported plus another former manager or coworker from an organization for which you have worked. Family members or current employees of the CWC PCN may not be used as references.

Out-of-province and international qualifications

Do you hire applicants who have experience from a foreign country?

The CWC PCN is committed to fair and equitable employment practices in accordance with applicable legislation and regulations outlined within the Alberta Human Rights Act. A candidate will be shortlisted based on their qualifications and experience relevant to the role as well as their legal eligibility to work in Canada.

Candidates who possess qualifications from a foreign country may seek to obtain an International Qualifications Assessment Service assessment as you may be required to provide this as proof of your credentials. Furthermore, for roles requiring specific licensing and registration, a candidate will be required to present a valid practice permit in good standing from the applicable regulatory body in Alberta.

If you are a candidate from another Canadian province and you are applying for a role requiring specific licensing and registration, you will need to transfer your out-of-province practice permit to Alberta, a process that may take four to six weeks to complete.

Practicum, locum, and volunteer opportunities

Does the CWC PCN offer practicum opportunities?

The CWC PCN is contacted by educational institutions within Calgary who are looking for practicum opportunities for their students for the Fall, Winter and Spring semesters. Depending on CWC PCN’s operational requirements at that time, we are able to host Medical Office Assistant and Licensed Practical Nurse students at our Primary Care Centre, Registered Nurses, as well as Health Information Coordinator students providing service to physician member clinics. Students must meet the criminal record and vulnerable sector check (if applicable) requirements prior to commencement of the practicum.

Does the CWC PCN offer locum opportunities?

At this time, the CWC PCN does not offer locum opportunities. Other Primary Care Networks or healthcare organizations in Calgary and the surrounding areas may offer such opportunities. The CWC PCN’s dedicated physician member website contains a Classifieds section where links to locum opportunities at physician clinics may be advertised.

Does the CWC PCN offer volunteer opportunities?

At this time, the CWC PCN does not offer volunteer opportunities. Other Primary Care Networks or healthcare organizations in Calgary and the surrounding areas may offer such opportunities.

What types of careers are available at the CWC PCN?

Please visit the Career Profiles page to discover some of the core roles found within the CWC PCN and the job listing to search for current job opportunities.

Become a physician member
If you are a physician interested in becoming a member of the CWC PCN, please contact our memberservices [at] cwcpcn [dot] com team. We are dedicated to supporting physicians, patients and primary care with clinical practice tools, patient care resources and Patient Medical Home support.