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Board of Directors

Primary Care Networks were established to enhance the delivery of primary health services. Our CWC PCN Board and Governance consists of nine family physicians and three members of the public; as such, they ensure our programs and services in our member clinics are focused on excellence in patient care and that everyone in the south west Calgary area has a Patient Medical Home.

The CWC PCN 2020-21 Board of Directors

  • Nicola Chappell, Chair *
  • Jagdeep Doulla, Vice-Chair *
  • Tim Rose, External Director - Treasurer *
  • Julia Carter, Director
  • Jennifer MacPherson, Director
  • Sally Talbot-Jones, Director
  • Kerri Treherne, Director
  • Theresa Truong, Director
  • Hannah Welsh, Director
  • Vincent Vong, Director
  • Wendy Coombs, External Director
  • Barb Unich, External Director
  • Jana Ambrogiano, AHS Joint Venture Governance Rep.
  • Brian Cornelson, AHS Joint Venture Governance Rep.
  • Mike Spady, AHS Joint Venture Governance Rep.
  • Christopher Cameron, Executive Director – Ex-Officio
  • Jon Macpherson, Manager of Governance & Policy – Ex-Officio

* Denotes Officer of the Board

Become a physician member
If you are a physician interested in becoming a member of the CWC PCN, please contact our memberservices [at] cwcpcn [dot] com team. We are dedicated to supporting physicians, patients and primary care with clinical practice tools, patient care resources and Patient Medical Home support.